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GAC MicroArch®

MicroArch® or Legend Mini - by GC Orthodontics

Approximately 30% smaller than traditional style brackets, MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces are attractive and subtle in appearance to help you feel more confident and self-assured while in treatment. The system’s low profile and ultra smooth finish ensures patient comfort and helps you better maintain good oral hygiene. Best of all, MicroArch/Legend Mini enable you to get a beautiful and healthy smile comfortably and less noticeably than before.

Only the Benefits Are Big

MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces enable you to improve your smile less noticeably than with standard sized brackets. Because the system has features that are specially engineered to work in balance with the shape of the natural tooth, the treatment process is optimized and results are lasting.

Benefits of MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces

MicroArch/Legend Mini  brackets are made using aerospace-quality steel. This means that while they are very small, they are actually stronger than brackets constructed from less expensive materials. This same attention to quality is reflected in every aspect of this bracket’s design and manufacture.

Designed to Fit Your Life

With its special rhomboid shape and sleek styling, MicroArch/Legend Mini is 30% smaller than standard sized brackets.

Less is More with MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces

• 30% smaller than standard sized brackets
• Smooth finish for less irritation
• Low, sleek profile for greater comfort
• Improved facial proportion and appearance
• Improved confidence with a beautiful smile and improved facial esthetics
• Enjoy lasting results

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Looking for a healthy, beautiful smile? People of all ages can benefit from MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces. Its comfortable shape, small size and advanced design provide a pleasing treatment option for
 young people and professionals.

The Mini Bracket with Style

The benefits of straight teeth and a healthy smile are investments that last a lifetime. Be sure to speak to your orthodontist about the importance of good oral hygiene and maintenance of your braces throughout treatment. To find out if you are a MicroArch/Legend Mini Braces candidate, speak to your orthodontist to learn if this system is right for you.

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